Sunday, July 23, 2017

Would you like to live in the Polohouse?

Have you ever wanted to live in
a converted barn house?

Now you can!

This polo barn/stables/clubhouse
is available! 

Here is the latest drone
photography video of the property.
(Click here)

Feel free to share it if you know someone
who might want to live here.

Thanks for looking!


Sunday, July 2, 2017

Happy Fourth!


Happy Fourth of July 

Always a patriotic girl
who loves to decorate and celebrate
this special national holiday each year.

No matter what your political views are,
no matter where you live,
no matter what your race or religion --
we are all Americans -- 
one great nation
under God.

Praying for peace.
Praying for our great country.

Coming together today
under the red, white and blue
to celebrate our independence.

United we stand
today and every day.

Happy Fourth


This home is for sale. Please contact me via email if you need further information.